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About us - complex solutions in the field of dentistry.

Whether you are a hospital, providing a full range of dental services, professional doctor, the person taking care of your health - we always provide you with everything you need.

Cooperating with us, you will feel the support of a trusted friend, which provides expert assistance in the selection, acquisition, further service that you require the tools and materials. You always have access to the market of new products, the choice among peers, ever-expanding range.

Our direct partners are world-known brands and their representatives in Ukraine. This gives us the opportunity to offer you the necessary tools and materials that meet the modern needs of the practice, at the best prices.

We are ready to provide your practice in all key areas:

  • therapy;
  • orthodontics;
  • endodontics;
  • surgery and periodontics;
  • materials and tools for technicians;
  • hygiene and prevention.

Dental materials

This section of the web-directory is represented by several items. Here you can choose and buy a variety of dental materials, differentiated by type of work:

  • Disposable needles and anesthetic for high-quality anesthesia;
  • Glass ionomer cement, composite and adhesive for therapy;
  • Impression material and fixing cement for orthopedics;
  • Materials for the treatment and sealing of canals;
  • Suture material for surgical operations.
  • In the range of products and related products, such as: gloves, disinfectant, mask and so on.

Dental equipment

The result of the treatment depends on the quality of the instruments. The clinic owners know this well and try to buy the most modern dental equipment that can realize all the capabilities of a doctor and embody in his snow-white smile the virtuoso talent and skill.

In this category, you can find burs (diamond and hard-alloy). The first of them are more wear-resistant, therefore in recent decades have become widespread. Also in the range offered a variety of tips, oils and micromotors. We are constantly working on expanding the list of available equipment.

Dental instruments

Dental work depends on these products. They are responsible for the quality of the treatment and the comfort of the patient during the procedure. In the range you can find dental instruments of several types:

  • Therapeutic devices: disks (spiral and polishing), strips, mirrors.
  • Orthopedic instruments: spatulas, coroners, various nozzles.
  • Endodontic: spregers, plagers, channel-fillers.
  • Surgical varieties: scalers, decompressors, curettes.

All dental instruments can be bought at an affordable price, the price for some models is below 5$.

Mastery of dental technicians

Dentistry can not be imagined without such industries as orthodontics and prosthetics. The work of a dental technician is difficult, but interesting. He never lacks clients. But in order for patients to experience pleasant emotions and smile happily, materials and equipment of high class are needed. And a special department, where miracles are performed on the manufacture of the right products for the restoration of the patient's oral cavity.

Aldent provides products not only for dentists performing therapeutic and surgical work. This is also the best dental shop in Ukraine. In his nomenclature series, there is everything that can be required for restoration work.

Materials for the dental laboratory include waxes and varnishes, gypsum and composites, fiberglass, ceramics, plastics. There is everything for molding and modeling. With such a set to return to people the aesthetics of the dentition will not be difficult.

Our company aims on the principles of long-term cooperation. The subject of our pride is the fact that 93% of customers who have turned to us for the first time, become our permanent partners.

You can not build a successful business without principles. In our work we always adhere to the five bases, who daily observe and develop:

  1. Leadership - work with these leaders, who are always a step ahead of the competition.
  2. Reliability - to do with your success as their own. No promises and excuses, only results.
  3. Quality - Your skillful work in dentistry always requires care, knowledge, correct choice and informed decisions. We are clean, we observe all legal norms and procedures. For you will never have problems.
  4. Customer benefits - before work, we learn your interests and find out the essence of the assigned tasks. We have excluded the phrase "no", "no" or "this is impossible".
  5. Confidence - you can safely trust us, even the most delicate aspects of their activities, because confidentiality and mutual trust, we are always in the first place.

All this allows us to live with a single credo: - the best friend of the dentist!

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