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Lecture and practical demonstration on materials from the Essentia family

Dear Doctors!

On February 2 and 3, 2018, a lecture and a practical demonstration on Essentia - a modern biomimetic method of creating aesthetic restoration took place in the training center of the Smile Energy Dental Laboratory (owner - Sergey Gribovsky) in Lviv.

The lecture was prepared and read by Dr. GC Consultant Volodymyr Rychkov (Ukraine).

A detailed study of the theoretical rationale for the philosophy of the Essentia family: aesthetic advantages due to the unique filling of dentin and enamel shades, the concept of the most natural construction of the color of restoration, and the age-related changes of the patient. As an example of the most modern adhesive of the "universal" generation, another GC-G-Premio Bond range was discussed in detail.

A practical demonstration was conducted by GC Journalist Justin Casta (Poland).

The phantom was performed with the restoration of two central incisors that responded to middle and senior patients, using all the shades of Essentia and Essentia Modifier dyes, as well as restoring molars using Essentia Universal (LoFlo, HiFlo and Packing). Interesting tricks have been demonstrated to get the most natural optical effects that are made accessible by the new GC materials.

The process of restorations was accompanied by a detailed commentary on a high-quality translation.

We express our gratitude to Justinian Casti, Volodymyr Rychkov and Sergiy Gribovsky for providing our doctors with new knowledge and techniques in the field of composite restoration in general and in the use of materials of the Essentia family in particular.

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