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The uniqueness of glass ionomer cement Vitremer.

Modern dental materials for sealing are presented on the market in quite a large variety. Conditionally they can be divided into three categories:

· Restoration. Filling material designed to restore the aesthetic appearance of the tooth surface. As a rule, the medium cope with the masticatory load and is applied to the frontal group of teeth.

· Materials with good physical properties, but with a scanty color range, which practically does not allow them to be used on teeth falling into the zone of a smile.

· And universal stomat materials - cope equally well with aesthetics, while having high physical parameters. From an economic point of view, the most convenient and profitable option for a doctor.

Vitremer (Vitremer)  is a classic representative of universal dental materials, which has gained popularity in a short time due to its high characteristics. Physical and restoration properties, convenience in work make it unique among light-curing cements.

The basis of the Vitremera kit includes:

  • glass ionomer powders with rich color series
  • glass ionomer liquid
  • Primer and lacquer for glossing the surface of the installed seal. 

Our store of dental materials also offers additional dental tools (for example, sets of grinding discs) recommended by the manufacturer for ease of use and improving the quality of the seal.

Advantages of glass-ionomer cement Vitremer (Vitremer) in front of the rest of the cement:

· Advanced sealing capabilities:

         carious cavities of any class according to Black with high aesthetic values

         Milk teeth I and II classes in Black

         carious root defects and cervical parts of the tooth, including the frontal location

         in orthopedic dentistry (for example, fixing porcelain inlays, forming stump) 

· Restoration work, both in accordance with the sandwich - system technique, and with single - acting material application.

· The process of curing cement includes three mechanisms: photopolymerization, chemical polymerization and glass ionomer reaction. This combination promotes the best edge adhesion and good adhesion, leaving no areas where the reaction has failed, which is convenient for single-application applications.

· Wide color range, represented by 7 standard shades, plus two special ones, allows to choose a seal for teeth of any shade. 

· Completely intact in a liquid medium, which eliminates the dissolution of the filling with time, prolonging its service life, and prevents its loss.

· Refers to fluorine-containing filling materials, prevents carious processes.

Buy dental materials from the official partner of 3M. Kharkov, Vinnitsa, Dnepr, and other regions are already working with our dental store.

For many years we have maintained a warm partnership, which allows us to satisfy the most demanding requirements of our client while keeping the producer's prices. Ukraine is the territory that the Aldent supermarket covers in its entirety, providing its customer with ample opportunities to deliver the order, with convenient forms of payment.

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