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A new solution from 3M for lateral teeth restoration

Approximately 70% of restorations fall on the lateral teeth. The material for restorations of the lateral teeth must meet certain requirements, which are made by dentists: strength of material, resistance to abrasion, low shrinkage. At the same time, dentists are looking for materials that are easy to work with and which save time for restoration.

The new composite material for the restoration of the lateral teeth Filtek ™ Bulk Fill Posterior from 3M combines all the necessary properties for the dentist: convenience and speed due to single-fill filling of the tooth cavity, strength and resistance to abrasion due to the technology of nanoclusters, low polymerization shrinkage due to two innovative monomers and, in addition, excellent adaptation and convenience of modeling.

Due to the possibility of voluminous application of material up to 5 mm, Filtek ™ Bulk Fill Posterior material allows to reduce the patient's time spent in the dental chair, and for the dentist leave time for the most important. Two innovative monomers in the material formula provide low polymerization stress and the possibility of volumetric application of the material. The monomers were developed by 3M together with Professor Christopher Bowman of the University of Colorado (USA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH, USA).

"Dentists need a composite material for the restoration of the lateral teeth, with which they can reduce the treatment time and at the same time can remain confident in the reliability of the result," says Nikki Mackon, direct marketing manager for Direct Restoration (USA). "And now we can offer such material to the dentist - this is a composite material for the lateral teeth Filtek ™ Bulk Fill Posterior ."

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