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Filtek ™ Ultimate (Filtek Ultimate) - Unsurpassed aesthetics

The modern dental material for filling Filtek ™ Ultimate (Filtek Ultimate), despite being on the market for a long time, is still unique and has no analogues among its competitors. His position he confidently keeps due to nanotechnology, which are the basis of its production.

The restoration properties of the Filtek Ultimate material are many times superior to those of other materials intended for the frontal group of teeth.

The expanded color gamut of the Filtec filling material with varying degrees of transparency and depth of color allows the restoration of the frontal group of teeth, completely imitating natural tissues.

Professional set of Filtek includes:

3 dentinal shades

4 shades of body

4 enamel shades

1 transparent hue

1 selector wheel

Such a variety of colors allows you to select the most rare colors with high accuracy.

Filling of the frontal group of teeth with the use of Filtek Ultimate has features and includes the following stages:

1. Preparatory  - hygienic cleaning of the tooth with the removal of plaque.

2. Select the shade of enamel  and dentin using the VITAPAN scale and the "ZM" selector wheel. Double approach allows to achieve exact hit in color.

3. The choice of color intensity is  completely dependent on the expected thickness of the restoration, it is recommended to use the hint using the color scale by comparing the expected thickness with the thickness on the plate.

4. Choice of application methods.

With the application of the layered deposition techniques and the silicone key technique, it is possible to restore the crown part identical to the biological tooth, with full preservation of the shape, structure and optical properties. According to dental experts, Filtek Ultimate is ideal for such restoration work.

The technique of the silicone key includes:

-production of a silicone key in direct or indirect ways.


-Adhesive preparation

- application of a flowable Filtek Ultimate Flowable composite with subsequent polymerization.

-application of the selected enamel shade in several stages with the formation of anatomical features of the cutting edge and the corners of the crown on the palatal side, followed by polymerization.

-Reception of the key, visual evaluation of the formed palatal surface of the tooth.

-reducing the contact surface by means of an enamel shade followed by polymerization.

- introduction of dentine shade with the formation of the internal structure of the tooth, polymerization.

-forming the vestibular surface of the tooth with the help of an enamel shade followed by polymerization.

-finishing work in this case is minimal, but sometimes necessary. Sealing of seal, occlusal correction, grinding and polishing.

Benefits and convenience in working with Filtek Ultimate nanocomposite

· Clinical studies show that the degree of gloss of the seal from the nanocomposite does not disappear with time, and the erasure level of the filling material completely coincides with the physiological wear of the enamel of the biological tooth. This effect is achieved with the help of nanoclusters in the seal, getting under the abrasive action, they are erased on a par with the resin in which they are located, which allows the surface to remain smooth for a long time.

· Rich color range with varying degrees of transparency and high fluorescent properties (dentin, enamel, body + transparent shades) allows you to select the color of the future seal with high accuracy. It should be noted that over time, a seal from Filtek Ultimate does not fade and does not undergo staining, as with other materials, thanks to a structure that lacks micropores and resembles the enamel of a natural tooth.

· Convenience is achieved by means of consistency, the material fits well on the prepared surface, filling hard-to-reach spaces. Ideal for recreating the anatomical features of the tooth. Multi-colored syringes with well-readable labels will not make you lose precious seconds while you work.

· When using layer-by-layer technology, the adhesion between layers is maximum, does not require additional manipulation at the time of distribution.

· Savings. Due to its consistency and convenience in the working process, the final result practically does not require the bulk filling of the seal. When working with the frontal group of teeth, the correction stage is most often absent and sufficient grinding and polishing of the restored tooth is sufficient.

· The wear-resistant properties of the Filtek Ultimate nanocomposite allow it to be successfully applied to the chewing group of teeth, it all depends on the doctor's preferences and appropriateness.

Shop "ALDENT" offers you to buy at the price of the manufacturer dental material Filtek Ultimate. Buy nanocomposite can be one of the convenient ways listed on the site, the delivery of goods is carried out in all localities of Ukraine in a short time.

Filtek - the price fully justifies the quality, it is proved by clinical tests and reviews of dentists.

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